Throwback Thursday April 14, 2016 17:35

In September, 1975, Russ had a show at The Selective Eye gallery in Santa Fe, NM. From a newspaper article at the time:
A high degree of technical perfection underlies the aesthetic satisfaction one can obtain from the work of Russell Coburn, according to Donald Wright, co-owner of The Selective Eye. His unique cloud and landscape glazes have an oriental quality to them about which Coburn says, "Many of my inspirations come from ancient oriental shapes and glaze. During that historical period the technical and artistic advancements were at their highest. I strive to achieve the perfection of form and richness of glaze that have been lost to many contemporary potters."

Pretty much exactly how he feels about it 40+ years later! The gallery changed hands and is now called The Golden Eye, located across the street from the original location on Don Gaspar in Santa Fe.